Home Design #1

After years of working and owning an home design company, I have decided to start a blog about all the things that I know, learnt and acquired along the way. First of all, home design became a passion of mine when I was young, I always had the desire to fix things all over my home and that passion was encouraged when my friends and family members would constantly comment on where I got a certain idea from, and how amazing some of the things I was doing where

After months of contemplation I decided to start my own company. This turned out to be one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. I had been told from my friends, that starting a business was difficult, there were so many things that had to be considered.

For Instance

  1. Business Registration – So that I could file taxes
  2. Clients – Literally the hardest part of this was getting clients, many people had a difficult time trusting a new business to take care of their homes, or to trust me to spend thousands of dollars making sure that their home was the ideal environment.
  3. Staff – Hiring the right people, you have to ensure that your staff are honest, hardworking and trustworthy people. One instance, I had this staff of mine that would constantly steal money from me. There was also a need to keep my staff motivated. Having a motivated staff ensured that the job was done correctly and on time.

When I first started this second and third items on my list above were nightmares. I was constantly stressed and tired all the time. There were many times when I thought I would quit and go back to my 9-5 job. The only things that made me persevere through it was my incredible disdain for my previous work environment which forced me to keep pushing forward.

After about a year and a half of struggling, I started to get the hang of things, I started to truly understand what it took to run my company. By this time we had obtained over 25 clients over the past year and a half and were in the process of obtaining another 25 more clients over the next 6 months, doubling our previous clientelle in just 6 months.

Our staff became more engaging, and where able to truly find the joy in what they were doing. Which made coming to work a lot easier. By the end of the second year we had not only closed 50 clients but our revenue had grown to about 600, 000 annually. We had become successful

As we speak my company does millions of dollars in home design businesses all across North America and several parts of the world. Showing that perseverance never fails.